Lessons learned…

Well, what an eventful week here at OTSS. New website, new shopping platform, and I sure am glad I put the time and money into upgrading. Besides the easier shopping experience for you guys, the new system will hopefully keep other (newer) designers from stealing content. Did a little research, talked to an awesome attorney friend of mine and decided its time let JSO designers know: It’s NOT okay to steal content/designs/ideas/etc. from other designers. For those of you out there who are unsure of the copyright laws for design/photography, be sure to take a peek at Rachel Brenke’s very informative post HERE.

I have always tried to help other designers, help them when it comes to marketing (I allow other designers to participate in OTSS giveaways even though it *could* be a conflict of interest), and even help them when it comes to time management and what software to use. I am a FIRM believer in helping out the “little guy”, being I was one the “the little guy.” Β Sadly, I learned the hard way, and had my helpfulness turn on me. Its okay though. I believe the other designer learned their lesson and I hope that this doesn’t happen again to someone else.

Design is not a cheap business to own. Most would think it is…”All you do is sit around all day and draw.” Maybe so, but think about all the work and time that goes INTO being able to stay home all day and draw. Software $1200. Computer $1600. EHD $200-$400 per (depending on size and brand). Laptop $1200. Monthly website expenses $460. Β That alone totals up to almost 5k in just the last 8 months alone, and I am established. So see, I dont just sit home and draw. I create. There IS a difference.

I love my job. I love my clients. I have worked very hard to make OTSS what it is today, all while being a stay at home mom to my now 9 year old daughter…and trust me, it’s still not easy, but I wouldnt trade what I do for the world.


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