Facebook and their annoying algorithm….and how to view your favorite vendors.

So, I am sure many of you, as I have, have noticed the sudden decline of fans seeing your posts on your business page. Gotta give credit to facebook, they definitely define “Why fix it if it isn’t broken?”

Well, thankfully, there is a way to help remedy this issue.

Check out this awesome article and the breakdown by Simply Zesty. Hit the nail right on the head they did!

All that aside, I have started posting weekly images (just started today) that I have hand lettered to help engage my fans. In just under two hours, I have had more hits on this image and have been seen in more newsfeeds than I have since they changed their marketing management. Here’s the cute little sketch from today:

In a matter of just TWO hours I have had over 600 likes and over 100 comments. This image has reached almost 5k fans, versus my USUAL reach:

So. Why is it that some posts reach TONS of fans, while others do not? That’s a very good question and I hope to find the answer to it soon! Until then, I will be trying to post more on my blog, sharing some of my secrets as to how I handletter for clients, some of my own personal photography (I am just a hobbyist!) and more about ME, the mom, the wife, the designer.

If you find these articles linked above helpful, PLEASE be sure to share and spread the word! Maybe this is Facebook’s way of forcing us to use their interest lists (which I kinda love when I remember to use them!)


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