Good afternoon guys! Thanks for swinging by to check out the update on the changes I have in store for OTSS! First off, let me tell you, I have a tendency to be long winded, so I will try to keep this as brief and to the point as possible.

Time. We all know by now, there just are not enough hours in the day. Not enough hours to work. Not enough hours to spend with loved ones and friends. And balance? What I wouldn’t give for some balance. That being said, I am bringing changes to OTSS starting with all orders placed in my big Thanksgiving sale coming up. As of October 31st, I will be considered FULL for the remainder of the year. This will give me time to get caught up on current orders, time to get my house and family ready for the holidays, and, just a little bit more time to spend with my husband and daughter.

Like most of us, I have recently found myself getting frustrated with having such an obscene amount of work with the feeling of never getting caught up. I personally feel some Β clients are getting ‘bumped’ or ‘put on hold’ so I can get something else finished to clear the way to get them completed. Then something else happens. Sickness. Family members hospitalized. You know, life happens. Then, I feel myself getting further and further behind, and that’s not fair to anyone. Me, as a designer, mom and business owner. My daughter for having to do homework alone. My family eating most of their dinner without me, as I eat as quickly as possible to get ‘back to work.’ Myself, for feeling completely and totally bogged down with the many promises I tend to make. In the end, who does this benefit most? The answer? No one.

I have run a few different polls (on my site, on facebook, etc.) and they all say the same thing : Clients would rather wait just a little longer to get started on their branding, than be ‘grouped’ with about 15 other clients, whose identity transformations are going on all at the same time. What this means, to you guys, my clients, when I have 10-15 client identities to design per week, I just don’t feel I am being fair to you. You are getting good work from me, there’s no doubt about that, but my best? How can we truly know if it is my best when I have you scheduled for only one hour of my day? And then, once that hour is up? I squeeze you in here and there just to get you finished. Like I said, not fair to anyone.

I want to be able to be the designer that you always come to. I want you to be able to know that once you are on my schedule, you are my focus. My main concern. I do not want you to feel like you are ‘just another hour of my day.’

I sit here shaking my head at myself at how out of hand I have let things get. Seriously. I find myself having to refund and turn others away who have deadlines, because I literally can not handle one more project on my calendar at this time.

Please understand, current clients, you WILL get my best, you WILL get my full attention….but only during my designated hours. I have got to disconnect myself from my online time to spend my real time with my rapidly growing 9 year old, who I feel I have not really heard her lately. I find her resorting into 15 minute couch cuddles once I finally get offline and shut everything down for the night. I find her hovering not so quietly over my shoulder, asking me, “Is this your last client for today?” And lastly, the sneaking hugs and kisses she gives me as she walks past, on her way to shower, to grab a snack…..She doesn’t say the words, but I can feel it, she is missing much needed time with me, and it is past time for me to give it to her.

My current working hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am -1pm Central Standard Time. I will no longer be taking afternoon client sessions, as my kiddo starts the fall session of Swim Team. THIS is what is important. Spending time, watching her grow and thrive at what she loves. Being there for her, if even just to cuddle for a little while, to cherish what is left of her childhood (or at least single digits! HOW is my kid almost 10?!)

I am in the process of re-setting all of my products and whatnot in my store and the new setup will be a little like this:

Under the logo section, there will be a main category. That category will be for the MONTH I will be scheduling in. There will be FOUR listings in that category. (Example: Category : January, Listings: 1st Week of January, 2nd Week of January, etc.). You will actually purchase the design from the week you would like to be scheduled. This will allow me at least one client per week, and of course, should I get finished with that client early, the 2nd week client will automatically be bumped upward and so on.

Hopefully this makes sense and will help me with the balance I so desperately need. I would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Liberty Edwards says

    This is me. This is often how I feel. You made me cry at your desperation for time with your girl. That is how I feel about my daughter. It’s been tough. I understand and know that your clients will love this and you will be balanced. It may not feel like that all the time, but you will feel it mostly. That is my hope for you.
    I feel gratitude for you, your services, your caring and your honesty. I will return to you again and again and will send many more clients to you. :)


  2. Echo R. says

    Tiffany, let me start off by saying that I have always thought you were a wonderful designer. This only reinforces my opinion of you. You deserve more time with your daughter and your husband. I think more time away from the computer and the stress will only make you a BETTER designer. You’ll have more time to spend with each client. I love that you’re willing to sacrifice some sales rather than sacrifice the quality of your work. This should show your clients (and prospective clients) that you actually care about the work you’re putting out instead of just getting more money.

    I hope this change makes you happy. Now, instead of reading these comments, go snuggle up with your loves πŸ˜‰


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