Happy 2017 Y'all!

Tiffany Willett

We all know i suck at blogging. Lately, on top of branding design I have started making some custom wooden signs for friends and family. I LOVE being able to work with my hands again. Next, I just have to muster up the courage to purchase a saw for myself so that I can cut my own wood pieces. I quite like my fingers tho, so maybe I should let Lowes keep cutting for me (ha!) That being said, I love making my files for my signs and custom designs and a client sent me the following quote for something...

FontList | September 2016 | Script Fonts

OK so. Each month I am going to try to create a master font list of the current "trendy" fonts out there! This will hopefully help you guys identify and discover some of your favorite fonts! Please note : ALL of the fonts on my font lists are PAID FONTS. There may be free demo versions of them on sites suchas, but please be aware, if you are using them for COMMERCIAL USE (prints, tees, client work, etc.) you will need to purchase the font! Gotta support us font designers!   OK. Onward to the September Script List! (links...

Fonts, Fonts, FONTS!

Tiffany Willett

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I mean really. Who doesn't LOVE fonts? I have been on a huge font designing kick lately, which means I have quite a few NEW just released ones for YOU to use on your upcoming projects! How exciting yea?  AND for checking out the blog post and spreading the word, I am offering a blog only discount for any fonts you purchase! Use the code BLOGFONT for 40% off ANY font purchases here on my site! Please be sure to spread the word! Here is a peek of a few of my newest fonts for you guys!   Shop the...

Y'all NEED to get in on this amazing deal!

The biggest photography website and marketing education event of the year is happening right now!     I’ve joined forces with my friends at 5DayDeal to put on what I personally consider to be the biggest, most exciting education event of the year for photographers who want to have an amazing website and attract new clients online. Right now they’ve got a 5-day event happening that will blow you away!    The short version is: you get $2,400+ in web tools, themes, templates, tutorials, eBooks, products and services for $87. That’s a savings of over 96%. Learn more.  ...

Fonts vs. Handlettering & Questions to Ask Your Designer

Tiffany Willett

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Ask any designer you know and they will tell you : If they specialize in hand lettering and calligraphy, calling their designs "fonts" is like saying to a photographer, "Your camera takes good pictures." Stings, doesn't it?  Whenever you hire a designer, you should know what you are getting and what their specialty in. You hired them for that specific reason, right? So, whenever working with them, respect their art and talent. I know for me, it takes a while to get a concept sketched and lettered on paper (yep, paper. It really isn't a lost art, I promise). Once...

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Hi! I'm Tiffany, owner and designer at On The Spot Studio & Blue Grass Lettering! I have been doing custom logo design and identity branding for about 7 years now, all self taught and pretty darn proficient in Illustrator & Photoshop (if I can brag a little on myself)! Over the last year or so, I have jumped in feet first into the lettering world, and let me tell you : It was love from the beginning. I love to make the simplest of words and quotes pretty. 

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