FontList | September 2016 | Script Fonts

OK so. Each month I am going to try to create a master font list of the current "trendy" fonts out there! This will hopefully help you guys identify and discover some of your favorite fonts! Please note : ALL of the fonts on my font lists are PAID FONTS. There may be free demo versions of them on sites suchas, but please be aware, if you are using them for COMMERCIAL USE (prints, tees, client work, etc.) you will need to purchase the font! Gotta support us font designers!  
OK. Onward to the September Script List! (links will be posted for each font below the graphic!) Please be sure to leave me a comment if you love the list or if you repost it on your blog, facebook page, etc! 

Calligraphy Fonts:

 Mon Voir  Mocking Lisbon Still Shine Amberlight
Rosalinda Lettuce Melika Script Melika Letters Salt & Spices
Crafty Script Octavia Isabella


Brush Fonts: 

Tingler Script King Basil Tuesday Ink Bandits Cliche
Imperfect Bonjour Snowberry Sweetgrass Heartwell
Sortdecai Away Wanderlust Manhattan Darling Ophelia


Other Fonts I Love:

Mustache Midnight Glossy Betterfly Hello Beautiful
Bellico Boho Andalusia Idea Bold Colleen
Harley Girlfriend


Curly & Swirly (some of the loveliest fonts out there!)

Lettres Douces Butterfly Waltz Lemons, Mangos, Sunshine Mrs.Glows
Magnolia Sky Butterscotch La Veronique Stringfellows


Enjoy! <3


  • Thanks so much! I love this!


  • Thank you for sharing these font lists, Tiffany :-)


  • Posting on my fb page and Pinterest.


  • Thank you so much! I love this! So helpful!!


  • Thank you~!! This is so sweet of you~!!

    Jaien Gore

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