May 26, 2017

So you've seen all the STUNNINGLY gorgeous hand lettered creations and want to give it a shot for yourself, right? It's really really not as difficult as you would think! You only need three tools to get started:

iPad Pro


Procreate App ($5.99 in the App Store)

That is pretty much it! 

There are hundreds of lettering brushes for ProCreate out there on the inter webs, such as Creative Market, Hungry Jpeg, DesignBundles, etc. I also have a full set of brushes I created just for iPad lettering, found here.

For this lesson, I will be giving you a freebie brush for your practice needs! (Just make sure to open the download link on your iPad so it will install in to your procreate app under "imported")

Let's get started!



Now, it's time to get started! Open your Procreate App on your iPad Pro. Check to make sure your brush installed correctly! It will be located in the IMPORTED folders where your brushes are located. Tap it to activate. Choose your brush color in the upper right corner where the little colored circle is. Get creative! Now for the basics ( I did them in illustrations for you, hopefully it will help you easier visualize!)

Practice your ups and downs until you are comfortable with the pen and the app. The more you practice, the cleaner the lines and easier the lettering!

Now. Write lots of words. Random words. Over and over and over again until you are tired of writing words.....

Done? Fabulous. Lets play with brush size!

Super fun and chunky time! 

Check out the difference in the widths of your letters with pressure added! The harder you press, the thicker the downs. The lighter you press, the thinner your ups. Make sense? It's really all about practicing regulating how you hold your pen and draw each letter precisely!

After you practice for a little while and are happy with your progress, I would LOVE to see what you create! Even if it's just a single word! BE SURE to pop back over and leave me a comment with your lettering so I can see and cheer you on!

I hope this simple guide to iPad lettering gives you a boost of creativity and a reason to step outside your box a little! Anyone can just have to believe in your ability and give it a shot!



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