Sweet Summertime | The Giveaway

I have been itching to start this giveaway for a while now, but this week, OTSS hit 16k fans. What better way to celebrate that feat as WELL AS the start of summertime than with a giveaway!?!?!  Without further hesitation, I present the giveaway below.

-FOUR chances to enter

-OVER 50 fantastic most amazingly awesome vendors

( View the vendors and prizes HERE )

*vendors, if your shop/prize is NOT listed, please contact me ASAP!

Get entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One winner takes all? Or one winner for EACH prize….hmmmmmm I have yet to decide! For an extra entry above, tell me which YOU prefer!!!


  1. says

    CONGRATS!!! You deserve it!! Have no doubt you will reach even more fans! LOVE all the VENDORS! Thank you for giving back!!! HUGS! :)

  2. says

    I think it should be individual prizes, as much awesome as winner takes all would be for one person, its more fun to spread the joy!

  3. Erin says

    As cool as it would be to win all of these, I think it would also be super overwhelming! Individual winners would be best, I think!

  4. Jade Miles says

    Hmmmm, maybe one winner for each prize? More winners that way! Although it would be awesome to have a super duper prize package!

  5. Adalia says

    I think the prizes should be divided into group packages so there are 10 winners instead of 50.

  6. marnie Ragan says

    Was super excited for OTSS contest…and super excited once I read the list of fabulous prizes! Wow!!! There’s so many maybe spread the love with more than one winner. I’m crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer…pick me! :)

  7. Misty Brogdon says

    Id love to win any of the prizes..but splitting it up would be nice.Theres a lot of awesome prizes!!

  8. Erin McC says

    Wow, these are all so fun. Love the idea of many different winners – make more peoples’ days :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Erin Mc says

    Oops – I see that people are posting 2 comments (one for entry, one for opinion on one winner vs. separate winners. I had already posted my vote. Thank you for the chance!

  10. Davina Gruenstein says

    One winner each prize or bundled prizes — makes it more fun and spreads out the love.

  11. Jennifer Gregg says

    I think it should either be 1 winner per prize or maybe 10 prize packages.

  12. Whitney F says

    Awesome Giveaway!! And I am a fan of both.. Winner takes all and One Winner per prize!!

  13. Alicia Lovell says

    Individual winners pls.. and I have liked all the vendors on this page.


  14. Angeline Ungerer says

    Great idea to promote products! Anyway you decide to give someone will be happy and we get to see new vendors and product! Thanks!!

  15. Sandrea Hayden says

    Thanks for the giveaway. If you pick my name first, 1 winner. If not, a winner for each prize! LOL =)

  16. samantha worman says

    Liked all!! Great givaway congrats on 16k I think u should do multiple winners :)!!!

  17. samantha worman says

    I visited the 31 site and first of all I love everything but if i were to choose I like the tote in in black happy dot it would be perfect for some of my crafting supplies!!!

  18. Crystal Nickel says

    Tough choice to decide on winning aspects. Although a grand prize package with something like this is just what my new photography business needs…I would say group prize winners. You could put everything in groups (based on $value of items) and then have 10 or so winners like that. :) Anyway would be fine and I have have my fingers crossed! Thanks again.

  19. Crystal Nickel says

    The item I would want to win at Thirty-One Gifts…oh geez…tough choice…The Cindy Tote with shoulder strap add on option. :D or a Hang-up Organizer… :D

  20. Rachel Shearer says

    Oh my gosh, thank you so so much for this giveaway, it’s fabulous!!! Congratulations!!

  21. Rachel Shearer says

    I would love the jewelry roll with pouches from Thirty-One Gifts, it’s so cute! I would get so much use out of it!

  22. Rachel Shearer says

    Well, I would love it to be winner takes all…if I won! Hehe! But since multiple winners means I have a better chance of winning, then I’ll say that :)

  23. stephanie kellen says

    I think it would be fabulous to SHARE THE LOVE….have multiple winners & many happy faces!!!
    ~it is so generous of all of you~

  24. Erin Christine Noie says

    I would love a thermal tote! Would be helpful for those popsicles riding home from the grocery store! lol

  25. says

    Congrats, and thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!! def prefer to win BIG! So a one winner takes all…or maybe split the prizes into 2-3 prize packs? It’s not as much fun though knowing you’ll only win one thing. ;)

  26. says

    I like the picnic thermal tote from 31 gifts from Tiffany Bradley.We go to the river a lot during the summer, and this would be great for holding drinks and snacks. :)

  27. says

    This is my comment for the 1st entry… I don’t see any directions when I click on it… and I’ve tried it about a dozen times now… so I’m not sure what you want me to comment on, or if it’s just a free comment maybe?
    Anyway, congrats on all the fans!!! And thank you so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway! :)

  28. says

    awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! I liked everyone, and my favorite thing from the 31 gifts from Tiffany is the retro metro weekender :)

  29. says

    I would like to win them all! But it probably makes sense to give them away to separate people. :) Maybe you can pick 50 and then the first one chooses their prize, etc.?

  30. Brittany Field says

    I love all the beautiful stuff, but I love 31 gifts utility tote. There are tons of great styles and fabrics that you use! I would love to win any of the items in any of these fabulous giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. kara thompson says

    This is an awesome giveaway… thank you for hosting it and thank you to all the wonderful vendors!!!

  32. Davina Gruenstein says

    I’d love to win a set of personalized utility totes from 31 Gifts!

  33. Brittney Berry says

    Would love to win the lightroom presets! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  34. Alesha Tyndall says

    I would love to win any of the props as I’m just starting out! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  35. Sara Marcellino says

    I visited the 31 site. I would love to have one of those large utility totes for lugging along all of my kiddos things to the pool or wherever!

  36. Tara O'Leary says

    Thank you so much for such an AMAZING giveaway! Congratulations on 16k fans, that is so exciting!

    I love the thermal tote from 31 gifts from Tiffany Bradle!Thanks to all the fabulous vendors!

  37. Tara O'Leary says

    Any way you choose to giveaway the gifts is great either way,maybe individual or groups? Just the opportunity to win would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  38. Tara O'Leary says

    I liked all the vendors on facebook!Thank you again for this amazing giveaway!

  39. Corrine says

    I think they should be grouped prizes, I for one want things Like Horsefeathers, Lola Wraps, Blooming Lotus :)

  40. Betsy Bartholomew says

    Thirty-One: I would LOVE to have a new lunch box with my name on it :)

  41. says

    Would LOVE to win!! I could use a 31 Utility Tote.. and not to even mention all the other fabulous prizes…one winner takes all… hopefully me :) Thanks to all the vendors and host…this is amazing :)

  42. Liz Garland says

    Oh my goodness gracious, what a fantastic giveaway! I would be so excited to win the photographers planner, I really need that puppy!

  43. Liz Garland says

    Id love to get a new skirt for my skirt purse from 31 gifts if I were to win!

  44. says

    Girl Hearts Camera sent me! Love all the prizes up for grabs! Amazing vendors I’ve been fans of for a while and just now discovering! Thank you for this opportunity! Would love to win the Photographers Planner from GHC!

  45. Piper Quade says

    I think the prizes should be split up because then more people get a chance to win.

  46. bianca myers says

    what an amazing giveaway, thank you so much for this opportunity… keeping my fingers crossed for ALL are amazing! :)

  47. Jami Rehm says

    What an amazing giveaway! I think one winner should take them all…how amazing would that feel?!?!

  48. Jami Rehm says

    I absolutely love the large utility totes from 31! I don’t think I could ever have enough of them.

  49. Darci Trumm says

    I would love to win the medium magazine basket or the retro metro weekend bad

  50. Darci Trumm says

    As much as I would love to win all I think it should be one person per prized

  51. Jami Rehm says

    Oops…I left this in my original comment. But, I’ll say it again…one winner takes all!! I just think the winner will feel absolutely amazing having taken all those great prizes!

  52. says

    Looked at Tiffany Bradley’s site. To be honest with you…..I would love to win anything on her site. Always looking for organizing tools for the home. A clutch or wallet would be nice for the wife.

  53. alicia hoang says

    Entry about the Thirty-One Gift; I would like almost everything! :) The purses are to die for & I esp love all the organization stuff for my office!

  54. Jenessa T says

    I love when there are winners for each prize. Allows a lot more of us a chance to win something.

  55. says

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway and I think there should be a winner for each prize!! Then again, how awesome would it be to win all!!! @on the spot studio

  56. christineb says

    spread the love…although would be far easier for you if you went with 1 winner so would totally understand that.

  57. Vicky Bryan says

    I would love to win the 5th Ave Bag in Dark Denim from 31 gifts from Tiffany Bradley! I am in jeans all the time, so this would be perfect! :)

  58. Michelle Fisher says

    I love the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gift. It definitely would help with my lack of organization and stylish too.

  59. Madison Cripe says

    Took a look at Tiffany Bradley’s Thirty-One site…I would LOVE to win one of the Hang Up Home Organizers! You can never be too organized!

  60. Misty Martin says

    I’d love to win a Large Utility Tote in Black Parisian Pop from Thirty-One

  61. Daniela Mallas says

    This is the Thirty One Gifts entry – Any utility bin would be greatly appreciated :) They are all so beautiful!!

  62. penny hyde says

    wow! the work that went into preparing for this huge giveaway had to be tremendous!!! Thanks so very much for hosting such a spectacular event. I really appreciate all your efforts. Have a great rest of the week!!!

  63. Jennifer Pacheco says

    What an amazing Giveaway! Thank you for all that you do, LOVE your work!!

  64. Alicia M. says

    I’d prefer one prize per person — more people will be made happy that way! However, maybe two prizes that are a % off or worth <$30 can be paired together, just to beef those up a bit?

  65. penny hyde says

    i love to see lots of folks happy! individual winners would be my selection. However, I’m happy either way you go!!!! thanks so much for the opportunity

  66. says

    This Giveaway is ROCKIN!!!! :) I would choose the organizing baskets from tbradley!! and… I saw someone above say groupings! I think that would be neat!!

  67. Alana Tomlinson says

    i think it would be better to have individual winners that way we all have a better chance of winning something!

  68. Brenda says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I think you should spread the love around and give away each thing to someone different. :) I do like to share.

  69. Brenda says

    I “liked” them all. Cannot wait to visit each page now and see what they all offer! So exciting!

  70. Deana says

    I’ve entered! And the Thirty one gift- an organizing utility bin would be awesome.

  71. Jill Sechelski says

    I have several 31 bags, they are great! Thermal would be a great addition! :)

  72. natosha irwin says

    thank you for having a giveaway. congrats on have a ton more giveaways for your accomplishments.

  73. Gayle Shrader says

    What an awesome contest! I think you should do the prizes individually! More people can win then!

  74. Tamara Kelly-Beckett says

    Love the utility tote, and I think individual winners would be fab! Thank you for this contest!

  75. Robin Castillo says

    Wow! That’s a lot of fans…way to go! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us – I love summertime giveaways!

  76. Robin Castillo says

    I think there should be individual winners…so many good prizes to share! :)

  77. erin hughes says

    i visited the 31 store…everything is great! hard to pick just one. maybe the black bag that would hold my crafts.

  78. Jennifer Pacheco says

    The Thirty-One catalog is SO full of amazing things I would love to have! I’m working on redecorating/organizing my little office space, so a set of three Littles Carry-All Caddy would be perfect for all those little pieces with no where to go! I like the Black Parisian Pop and the Lotsa Dots!

  79. erin hughes says

    one winner per prize, or else seperate the winnings where each winner wins 3 or 4 prizes

  80. says

    I like the idea of spreading the love instead of one big winner….but it might be fun if each person got two or three prizes instead of one. Feels like you won something big while still sharing it out a bit!

  81. Erin Stephens says

    Well, one winner takes all would be nice (If I am the winner! :-))but I still like the idea that there is one winner for each prize.

  82. Erin Stephens says

    From Tiffany Bradly’s Thirtyone website, I would like the Cosmetic Bag #3071. :-)

  83. Erin Stephens says

    I have liked each and every one of the vendors and I am so greatful for their generosity!

  84. Madison Cripe says

    Visited Tiffany Bradley’s Thirty-One site again…I would also love the All in One Organizer! Perfect for picnics!

  85. says

    Congrats and thanks for the giveaway! Personally, I like the one winner per prize method, more chances to win….but I’ve never won a winner-takes-all giveaway, so that might change my mind ;-)

  86. Erin Stephens says

    From Tiffany Bradley’s website i would love the all in onve organizer (#3258)… stuff is so cute! Its hard to decide!

  87. Pam M - Grand Inspirations Photography says

    Congrats on reaching 16k fans & putting together this phenomenal giveaway!

  88. Pam M - Grand Inspirations Photography says

    I absolutely love the Thirty-One organizing utility totes

  89. Pam M - Grand Inspirations Photography says

    I vote for individual winners. As winner of an all-inclusive giveaway some time ago it was rather overwhelming to make all the decisions & keep track of all the prizes.

  90. Carey Davis says

    You run the best giveaways!! Spreading it out and sharing the love seems like a great way to start the summer :)

  91. Chelsea Letourneau says

    i think individual winners is a cool idea & if you still pick from the whole list of names so some people do have a chance of winning more than one thing :)

  92. Jennifer Madigan says

    I love Thirty One. I would love a organizing tote. I think they are just the best.

  93. Jennifer Madigan says

    I like the idea of multiple winners. That way more people get to enjoy all of the awesome prizes.

  94. nancy chartrand says

    Wow there are over 10,000 entrants, so breaking up prizes would give everyone a better chance of winning.. I would share :) This is an amazing giveaway, ty for thee chance to win, and good luck everyone!

  95. says

    So, I just visited her website, and I’d LOVE to win/get the Market Thermal Tote! & the Making Memories Thermal!

    They’re perfect for taking the kids to the lake! Or, just getting the frozen stuff home from the store! (Its HOT! here in Al & ice cream does NOT last long in my car!) lol

  96. says

    I personally like when giveaways give multiple people things, so deffinatly, 1 winner per item. I like knowing that multiple people had a great oppertunity to win!

  97. Christy Branscum says

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I think I would like to see 1 winner per item. :)

  98. Cori C says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I think the opportunity for lots of winners would be great!

  99. Miranda J. says

    I love your logo designs & would love to add any of these beautiful photo props to my collection!!

  100. Hope says

    What a great contest. Thank you OTSS — can’t wait to see if I’m one of the lucky winners – there are so many great great prizes to be had :-)

  101. Miranda J. says

    Personally, I’d like to win all of the prizes, but I’d be happy with just winning one!!

  102. Tanya Phillips says

    Wow, this is amazing! One winner for each, so many more happy winners. Thanks for a chance!! :)

  103. Erin Stephens says

    From Tiffany Bradley’s website I would love the Making Memories thermal tote (#3786) So cute!

  104. Tanya Phillips says

    I visited Thirty One, love the Market Thermal Tote and Organizing Utility Tote, love everything! Congrats and thanks again :)

  105. Sherry G says

    Winner take all would be awesome but it’s nice to share. What awesome prizes.

  106. Laura says

    One person wins all! Just for fun! I’ve never won anything from a blog contest before!

  107. Pam M - Grand Inspirations Photography says

    Absolutely love the organizer utility totes from Thirty-One. They make great diaper bags too

  108. says

    And while I revel at the thought of being able to win all the prizes, I think individual prizes are better, as it gives us more incentive to participate!

  109. says

    Hmmm…I like the idea of lots of folks getting stuff (and that makes more marketing sense…:D) But I can’t deny the lure of a big ol’ bunch of stuff headed my way. LOL!

  110. Nicole Suddeth says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! And congrats on 16k fans, you deserve it!

  111. says

    The thirty one item I would most like to win is the oversized storage organizer, I think it would be perfect for me to use to tote around my large wall print samples

  112. says

    Love all of this and am so excited for this giveaway!! **crossing my fingers that i get lucky…could use some luck in my life <3 Thx so much for the opportunity. ~Deborah Nicole photography

  113. Erin Stephens says

    From Tiffany Bradley’s Thirty-One website I like the 5th Avenue bag (#3329)

  114. Kaley Jones says

    Thank you SO much for hosting this amazing giveaway and to all the incredible vendors for donating so generously! I like the idea of one winner per prize, that way more people are winners! :)

  115. Kaley Jones says

    I would absolute love to win the Retro Metro bag from 31 Gifts from Tiffany Bradley!

  116. says

    Exciting! I definitely think winner takes all!! Otherwise, someone could win but not get the prize they were really hoping for! This way, at least one person is guaranteed to be 200% happy!

  117. Kisha Christman says

    Whatever you decide! Lots of winners or winner takes all! A lot of great prizes :)

  118. Kisha Christman says

    I’d love to win the 31 large utility tote! I have the utility organizer tote & love it

  119. Paula McNorton says

    From Tiffany Bradley I would love to win the XXL Utility Tote Set. That would be great!

  120. Erin Stephens says

    From Tiffany Bradley’s Thirty One site I like the Casual Cargo Purse (#3616)

  121. says

    Absolutely AMAZING giveaway!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I adore your work as well, and LOVE the custom signature you did for me!!